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Mommy or businesswoman?

„And your kids? “ „They also have a father. “ Something like this goes the conversation between a French businesswoman and her German colleagues. The French woman is a passionate manager and sometimes she works long hours. When […]

Interview with ECOS

ECOS invited me for an interview in July. It was my pleasure to accept the invitation and so I talked with Covadonga Jiménez and Klaus-Dieter Walter about successful negotiations with Mexicans. You can read now the result in the September […]

Let’s meet at lunchtime!

At what time do you make appointments for business lunch, at twelve, one or two o’clock? If a German and a Mexican arrange to meet at “lunchtime” they risk to have lunch on their own and to make […]

Learning from the Japanese

I have been deeply touched by the images broadcasted after the tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan. The calmness of the Japanese impressed me and there is one scene that I keep remembering. During the first days after […]

Bright and colorful skulls in my hallway

  Small Mariachi skeletons, bright and colorful skulls, tequila, home-made salsa, tortillas, mole, la Virgen de Guadalupe and a picture of my grandfather decorated my hallway in the first week of November.  The way Mexicans celebrate the “Día […]

Why change something?

Why change something?

„El 20 de Noviembre“ Mexicans celebrate the „centenario de la Revolución”. The 100 anniversary of the Mexican Revolution is a good opportunity to write about ideals, a better world and changing structures.  My ancestors fought the existing structures […]

My love for Mexico

Mexico is diversity! Mexico is unique!  I know that the news are full of horrifying stories about Mexico, but there is more to write about Mexico. On November 18th I had a great opportunity to talk about my […]


When is a good time to start writing a blog? I have been asking myself that question throughout this year and have been waiting for special holidays and events to write about, but never started. Today I have […]