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Why change something?

„El 20 de Noviembre“ Mexicans celebrate the „centenario de la Revolución”. The 100 anniversary of the Mexican Revolution is a good opportunity to write about ideals, a better world and changing structures. 
My ancestors fought the existing structures of the 19th and the early 20th century. They all may have had a different motivation but what they shared was the motivation to change established structures. The change is not something easy. Those who are against a closer examination of the status quo will put up resistance.
It is crucial to challenge entrenched habits, if not our world would stand still. I don’t mean that people should change things just for the pleasure of it. The core lies in the closer examination. If what you see, what you experience does not suit your values, then have a closer look at it. People tend to accept habits, since change could turn out in something inconvenient. So they leave things unmodified and hinder those critical minds from changing the status quo.
I have always been very analytical and have questioned what happens around me. “Why should I change something, it’s been like this for years.” is a poor reason. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Let’s keep up the esprit! Let’s question unjustified established structures and make the change possible!

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