Create closeness in the distance!


When is a good time to start writing a blog? I have been asking myself that question throughout this year and have been waiting for special holidays and events to write about, but never started. Today I have decided to start right away and not waste any more time!
What will you expect if you follow my blog? Well, you will read about the life of an intercultural coach. You may ask yourself “Why should I follow the life of an intercultural coach and what is so special about this blog?” Here is the answer: You will see the world through the eyes of an analytical German and a warm-hearted Mexican, of a world traveler, a former banker and an intercultural coach, all that united in one person… me.
Since childhood I have been fascinated by foreign countries and cultures, not only through my German and Mexican family, but primarily because since the age of 6 months I have been travelling all over the world with my family. I have chronic “Fernweh”, a nice German word, meaning itchy feet, but this is one of these words that one should not even try to translate, otherwise they lose their meaning. Besides being full of curiosity I am an attentive observer. So in this blog you can expect to read about almost everything in daily life but from a special perspective, my perspective, the perspective of a German-Mexican intercultural coach, living in Munich.
As an intercultural coach I build bridges between German and Mexican businesspeople, between team members of multicultural teams and between foreign expats and their German colleagues and neighbors.  
How often will you find a new entry? I will post on a bi-weekly basis.
Why have I chosen English? Well, I could have chosen German, Spanish, or French but since English is still more or less the international language everyone understands I will start with English, although I may switch to another language later on.
I hope you enjoy my blog.

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