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“Kaffe und Kuchen”

I love eating and cooking, but what I enjoy the most is to explore and discover cultures through their cuisine!
Have you ever had „Kaffee und Kuchen“ (cake and coffee) in Germany?
There is more about it then just having a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.
“Kaffee und Kuchen” is a German tradition and reflects culture.
It’s family time at 3 o’clock on Sundays. Some families still stick to this tradition on a daily basis. At birthdays and traditional weddings, you can find a whole range of different homemade cakes, served at 2 or 3 o’clock. German teenage girls are introduced in the secrets of baking a Kuchen rather early so in the long run of their life’s they become real masters in baking cakes.
In Business life you will encounter the “Kuchen”-tradition when it’s your birthday or if you celebrate your entry into a new team or your farewell. In all these situations you are expected to bring a cake. And you will score more points if it’s homemade.
Especially in Munich the Italian influence in gastronomy has replaced the traditional black coffee with cream with a Latte machiato or Capuccino, served with a slice of German cake at 3 o’clock.

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