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My love for Mexico

Mexico is diversity! Mexico is unique! 
I know that the news are full of horrifying stories about Mexico, but there is more to write about Mexico.
On November 18th I had a great opportunity to talk about my home country in front of an audience made up by JCI members and guests interested in Mexico. The JCI Chapter Munich organized a business etiquette evening in a Mexican restaurant in Munich, Tacos y Tequila. Our aim was to show different faces of Mexico as well as the economic potential of the country and business opportunities for German enterprises.
My part was to give an overview of Mexican culture, differences between Germans and Mexicans in doing business and the future markets of Mexico. A German and a Mexican lawyer shared their experience with the audience and enriched the presentation. It was a very successful evening! The audience loved the presentation, the food and the music.
You can have a look at my presentation on:
Preparing my presentation, putting together a special playlist and organizing the event made me realize once again what a wonderful country Mexico is. In terms of landscape you can find a great variety, as well as in music, culture and regions. The Traditional Mexican cuisine has been added to the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage as of November 16th.
But Mexico is not only an interesting country in terms of tourism, but also for doing business. Here again you can see diversity, in free trade agreements and in industries that have plenty possibilities to offer.
Mexico is always in my heart and it will always be!

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