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Mommy or businesswoman?

„And your kids? “ „They also have a father. “ Something like this goes the conversation between a French businesswoman and her German colleagues. The French woman is a passionate manager and sometimes she works long hours. When […]

Let’s meet at lunchtime!

At what time do you make appointments for business lunch, at twelve, one or two o’clock? If a German and a Mexican arrange to meet at “lunchtime” they risk to have lunch on their own and to make […]

Learning from the Japanese

I have been deeply touched by the images broadcasted after the tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan. The calmness of the Japanese impressed me and there is one scene that I keep remembering. During the first days after […]

Eating or talking?

Once I had an informal business dinner in Munich with three Germans, two men and a lady, the three of them about my age. We had all met for the first time during a business event and we […]