Create closeness in the distance!

Let’s meet at lunchtime!

At what time do you make appointments for business lunch, at twelve, one or two o’clock?
If a German and a Mexican arrange to meet at “lunchtime” they risk to have lunch on their own and to make the first step into an intercultural conflict. Germans lunch hour or “Mittagszeit” goes usually from noon till one o’clock. In Mexico you meet at lunchtime or “hora de comida” typically from two to three o’clock.
This is a simple example showing cultural differences. Lunchtime: same word, two concepts.
The other week I had three lunch appointments, Monday at noon, Tuesday at one o’clock and Wednesday at two o’clock. Guess with which nationality I went out for lunch.
Give it a second thought.
And here’s the answer: Monday I had lunch with a German, Tuesday with a German-Mexican and Wednesday with a German.
Surprised about the two o’clock lunch with a German?
Always keep in mind that cultural standards serve only as guidance. Culture is not the only dimension that influences people’s behavior.
By the way, my preferred time for lunch is 13:30.

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