Create closeness in the distance!

Eating or talking?

Once I had an informal business dinner in Munich with three Germans, two men and a lady, the three of them about my age. We had all met for the first time during a business event and we were having a very nice and spirited conversation until our dinner was served.
From the moment where the plates were on the table complete silence spread around. I felt awkward in this silence so I asked my neighbor something about his business idea. Without saying a word he pointed at the steak on his plate and I understood immediately.
Would you understand what he was “saying” to me? How would you react? Read along and find out what happened. 
I said “Don’t worry, you can tell me about it, when you’re done with your steak.” All three Germans were enjoying their meal but in complete silence. When my table neighbor was done with his steak he immediately started telling us about his business idea. He clearly enjoyed telling us his story and the other two Germans were eager to listen and make comments.
 This evening I realized that when it comes to conversation during dinner time I am 100% Mexican! Talking and eating are two activities that I enjoy and as far as my opinion goes: The two belong together!

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