Create closeness in the distance!
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Katrin Sihling, your Business Coach for Intercultural Management

“I am an analytical German, a warm-hearted Mexican, a globe-trotter, a former banker and an intercultural coach.”
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Katrin Sihling is now certified Coach for The International Profiler.

The International Profiler is a tool to facilitate international business relationships and has been developed by WorldWork Ltd. London. It helps anybody working with partners from other cultures to build effective international links, taking into account their particular role and context.

As a manager in an international environment you aim at more success in doing business with your Mexican and German business partners.
As team head or team member of an international team you want your team to perform better.
As an expat you want yourself and your family to settle down faster and easier, be it Mexico or Germany.
Managers around the globe share these needs.The difference between cultures lies in the way in which these needs are satisfied.
I will show you how to create synergies with cultural differences, build fruitful business relationships with Germans and Mexicans, be even more successful in international business and ultimately generate more revenue. Read more...